I’m working on reprogramming my melody generator from scratch in an attempt to make it more organized and more efficient. A higher degree of modulation should also make the programming of future feature additions easier. My overall goals are as follows:

1 – Reprogram the algorithm and get it output easier-to-interpret text
2 – Get the program to output MIDI files
3 – Begin adding other features

For now, work continues on goal #1. I’m trying to program a symbology, so that the program can store a bunch of melodic information in the form of encoded strings. It can then decode these strings when and if it needs to. This is in an attempt to save both time and memory, and to make adding future features much easier for the programmer. An in-depth look at my meaning of this is strictly confidential.

Thank you for reading update #1. I will keep the blog informed of any and all progress made on this revolutionary product.

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