Daily melodies


First of all, you might notice I added little picture of me in the corner there.  I made that with a website called befunky.com.  The site allows you to upload a picture and it tries making a cartoon out of it, though just how cartoony it looks is up to you.  It’s not nearly as good as a real artist doing to work, but it’s fun to play around with.  So that’s how I made my stylized picture up there.  Doesn’t it look great?

Second of all, I just launched a new site.  Do I really need yet another site?  Yes.  I started FreeDailyMelody.com, where I hope to release a new melody every day into public domain.  I have hundreds saved up right now, so I have no worries content-wise, I just hope I can keep up the energy posting them.  I hope it will be a good musical resource for someone out there; there’s no way I’d be able to use all the melodies I have saved up, yet I’d hate to see them go to waste.  If nothing else, the site will serve as a nice public archive.  And I’m releasing the melodies into public domain, so they’re really free for the taking.

Lastly, I finished composing that waltz this morning.  Woohoo!  First piece completed for my album!

Failed that test


Yesterday I took that C programming test I mentioned as part of my application for a job to a game development company… and failed!  *gasp*  The test basically consisted of writing two functions.  They said they hoped it would take three to four hours, five at the most.  I wrote the first function successfully, but it took me four hours.  I spent an hour on the second one, then just gave up.  I’m sure I could have done it if I spent a five to six more hours.  Designing the algorithms for the functions weren’t that hard (definitely a bit tricky, but not impossible… kind of fun actually), but doing the actual coding in C slowed me down a bit since I haven’t done it in a while.  I guess it was a good refresher though.  The functions used a lot of the “char” data type, which I just haven’t used much recently; I’ve been using Java lately (mostly because that’s what classes in college used, those traitors!) which I suppose has sort of spoiled me because it makes things like dealing with strings much much easier than the archaic way C deals with them.

My awesome desk

My awesome desk

So, I guess I can’t have a job with that company!  I wonder how often chars are used in the modern game development process?  I really can’t imagine it being used much… so it’s too bad I blame them for my downfall.  Anyway, I’m still keeping my eye open for game programming jobs that look interesting, and I hope they won’t test me too much on dealing with chars.

Anyway, I’m working on composing yet another waltz.  Not sure what to call it yet, but it’s sounding good.  I give a little excerpt in the podcast.  I’m hoping to make it a part of my upcoming album, coming sometime in 2009, at least an hour of all new music… I hope.

And… oh!  I joined TwitPic.  Kind of like my Twitter account, but with pictures.  In fact, I guess I should add links to those on the side.  A fun way to use my camera since I don’t really go anywhere.  I’m a hermit.  And I don’t have any money.  I’m in debt up to my eyeballs.  Somebody help me.

Driving home from work


I recorded this driving back from the place I drove to during the last podcast.  The sound quality is awful because I recorded this in the car again.  You don’t have to listen!!  In this episode I blather about:

– I orchestrated a tune called The Cornish Wassail for the free album A Garritan Community Christmas.  I put the piece at the end of the episode.  It’s my first orchestral piece to utilize the piano!  What do you think?

– Saw the book The Complete Guide to Blogging.  Looks interesting, I’d like to buy it, or get it for Christmas.

– I failed NaNoWriMo at 34K words, but continue to work on The Book of Harbringer.  I blather for a bit about my writing experiences.

Sorry for the horrible quality, my car made a lot of noise.  Zoom, zoom, zoom!

Driving to work


Here’s an awful sounding podcast because I recorded it while driving to work, and the car made a lot of noise.  Might be too annoying to even listen to.  But here’s what I talk about:

– I applied for some programming jobs and have been feeling quite nervous about taking programming tests.

– Water drop sounds.

– I don’t want to go to work.

– Got a camera for my birthday, took a picture, and made that illustration with it.

– New Compose Pile episode coming today, December 5th, 2008!