The Writing of Gynwig

I finally posted Chapter 9 of The Game of Gynwig. I finished writing Chapter 15 of the story today; it’s a bit strange trying to get back into it, I can’t exactly remember what all my intentions were, and my notes are disorganized. After the next 10 chapters or so, which I think I have planned out well enough, I’ll have to reread everything and reorganize and make sure I know what I’m doing for the rest of the novel. And, wow, does the story need editing. My writing is awful! But oh well, must keep going… must trudge forward…

Now go read it and I’ll thank your name in the book when it gets professionally published. (Yeah, in all honesty, it will most likely never get published, but I’ll try when I finish… if I finish. But if it doesn’t get published, I’ll podcast it, woohoo!)

That was amazing!

Wow, that was awesome! Seeing The Fellowship of the Ring at Wolf Trap on Thursday with the entire score played live (choirs included) was the best concert I’ve ever been to (not that I’ve been to a great many).

Hearing the music live really brought it to life (obviously). The orchestra sounded fantastic, and their sounds come straight to you without any sort of flattening or degradation. It really put my headphones, my usual way of hearing film music, to utter shame. The choirs were also outstanding, boomingly powerful. In dark dangerous parts, when the orchestra is in a uproar and the choir was singing fortissimo and the timpani is pounding away, I thought I could really feel the ground quake. Awesome!

Like the choirs, the vocal soloist, Kaitlyn Lusk, was also fantastic, and seemed to sing beautifully and perfectly.

When the film started, I realized it was to be captioned, all the spoken words appearing in white at the bottom of the screen. I thought “oh, come on, I already have it all memorized… and if your deaf, why are you here anyway?” but there were some moments when the sound of the orchestra seemed to overtake the sound of the characters’ speech, and it was hard to hear what they were saying, so I suppose the captions did come in handy… at least for those who didn’t have the film memorized. (Ok, I really don’t have it completely memorized myself, so don’t quiz me.)

While watching, my eyes went back and forth between the action on the screen and the movement of the orchestra players, or at least the players I could see, mostly string players. It would have been nice to see all the choirs, but they were hidden behind the screen, at least from where I was sitting. Still, being able to watch just a fragment of the orchestra made the music a bit “visual” … when the music dropped out, especially at exciting scenes, I realized it much more consciously. I was also able to better anticipate the coming of music by watching the players prepare right before a cue. It was very fun to watch. Then, there were other times when I was just wrapped up in the amazing story of the movie that I forgot the music was live; the great story and dialog just engaged me completely.

Another thing I really enjoyed about the performance is just getting to see it with a crowd of other fans. Hearing the audience laugh at the funny parts just seems to make them more funny, hearing the utter silence at a serious part makes it that much more serious, hearing the applause at a particularly powerful scene with powerful music (or after a soloist’s performance) made it seem that much more grand. It’s a bit like watching a comedy with friends; it’s just much more fun as you can all feed off of each other’s reaction. So just the psychology of watching the film with a crowd of fans rather than just watching it alone really changed the experience for the better. It wasn’t like sitting in a theater with annoying cell-phone talkers or blathering middle-school girls in front of you; it was like everyone there was just as focused on the film and the experience as you were.

Just how in sync the orchestra kept was astounding! I can imagine an orchestra messing up many a time during a real film music recording session, but to perform a 3 hour score live, keeping proper tempo constantly without the option to start any cue over, they were amazing. Never did the music not match what was on screen, never did something seem a little off. It seemed just about perfect!

I am hoping, sincerely hoping, that Wolf Trap will do The Two Towers and The Return of the King as well; you can bet I’ll make it to those. The concert was superb, fantastic, definitely the best concert I’ve been to yet. Bravo!

That was amazing! 🙂

And many many thanks to my mom, who accompanied me! I am very glad she enjoyed it as well!! 🙂

LOTR concert!

My sleeping schedule is still completely messed up. 🙁

However, today is the day! Tonight I’m off to Wolf Trap to see a Lord of the Rings music concert! A live orchestra and choir will be playing the entire film score along with a showing of the film. Woohoo! I’m extremely excited. I just hope I’m not sleepy by then… I should go to bed right now, actually…

Oh, yeah, I still didn’t upload chapter 9 of The Game of Gynwig. I’ll do that eventually. If you would like to pay me, I’ll be more dependable…

Oh, today while I was advocating the abolition of the modern high school system, someone argued that abolishing high school would destroy the economy because of the money the teen pop culture generates. UGH!! What foolery! You shouldn’t sustain something that’s fundamentally harmful because fear of financial troubles… give me a break! Reminds of that guy in the film Amazing Grace… “If we were to abolish the slave trade tomorrow, it would bring financial disaster…” blah blah blah. You get the point.

What about the end of child labor? I’m sure there were people then that argued the same… “you can’t let the children stop working, the factories will have to close! The economy will fall!”

Yes, of course certain businesses would go out of business if high schools were abolished, but the nation wouldn’t crumble. A scratch in your arm to get rid of a splinter doesn’t cause all your skin to tear. And, yes, it might hurt for a bit, but it heals and it’s a lot better than keeping the splinter stuck in your arm.

Anyway, surely that guy saw the stupidity of his argument and now realizes that I am completely right. 🙂

Writing music day

Spent the day writing music, more specifically my entry for the current Orchestration Challenge. I am quite pleased with my entry, but of course I won’t be able to share it for a few weeks… not until mid June most likely, when the current round will end.

I was planning on only spending an hour working on it today, but I ended up spending six and finishing it. Woohoo!

Not much else to say today… my sleeping schedule is way off again, so I’m staying up all night so that I can go to bed early tonight and wake up early on Thursday. That’s the hope at least.

I’m going to post chapter 9 of The Game of Gynwig right after I post this, so check that out if you’ve been following along with the story… though I only know of two people that are… thanks, two readers! 😛

Oh, I’ve been thinking about putting together a music album and selling it on Amazon… not of music already available on my site, but a collection of new pieces that I haven’t written yet, but they’d be connected, like repeat each other’s themes and stuff…

… Or … I could probably already put together a CD of the best stuff I’ve already written. I’ve had several people say they’d buy such a CD, even though free MP3s are already available… maybe I should do that first, try out the experience. I’m just not sure what to do for the cover art or CD art… anyone know any good but cheap artists? Or maybe I could find some public domain images…

Yeah, I guess I’ll do that first… will have to go back and re-record some pieces though so I get the best quality.

Oops, it’s not healthy to blog on future speculations of what you think you will do, is it?

Ok, enough blather…

Book writing progress

I tried working on my novels today…

Current word count for Simmion’s Show: 4,200
Current word count for The Game of Gynwig: 41,700

I probably blogged about this before, but Simmion’s Show is about a kid who exchanges years of his life for the ability to do real magic, which he uses to become a famous illusionist. The story is completely planned out, with 31 scenes, though that will probably change as I continue writing. I’m on scene #7 right now. (So I guess it will technically be a novella or something when finished.)

The Game of Gynwig rough draft is already available for reading, or at least what I have written of it thus far. I had that planned out as well with over 100 scenes, but I completely went off course while writing. I have some different plans in my head, but I’m unsure where exactly everything will end up. I only have up to chapter 8 posted, but I have 5 or 6 more written, so I’ll probably try to post those tomorrow.

Writing is hard and lonely and boring… I hope I have some time to do some tomorrow!

Oh, I also worked on my Orchestration Challenge entry… it’s sounding very nice, if I do say so myself… which I do. I haven’t had time to enter one of them in a while, so I love being able to get back into it.

Music theory books

I was trying to study some music theory today, and I’m not too fond of how most music theory books are organized. Ideally, in my opinion, they should teach entirely by examples, showing fragments of pieces, showing their similarities, and extracting the “rules” from them, so that you can immediately see where they apply. Instead they tend to list the rules, give theoretical examples that are over simplified, and then maybe mention one or two examples, or leave such analysis for you to do as an exercise. Argh! That’s a stupid way to do it! Why not start off showing immediately, right from the start where the rules apply, where they come from? That would be far more helpful than two-bar theoretical example figures. Leaves me scratching my head wondering where and how do I apply this?

Examples examples examples!!

Saturday of busyness

I’ve been busy all day. After being busy and after going out to eat with the family, I tried composing, but I couldn’t get anything worthwhile out of my head, and whatever I did get down put me to sleep.

Boring day.

But the dull days of my life need blog posts to, eh?

Mozart’s Dream

I’m reading a little biography of Mozart, and decided I should finish this piece…

I’m not sure I like the name “Mozart’s Dream”, but I guess it works. I stole most of the chordal accompaniment from his 40th symphony; I’m sure most people can recognize those violas in the beginning. Ah, Mozart’s great, isn’t he? Working on that piece reminded me I have a lot of voice-leading to learn. 😛

Sleep schedule

My sleep schedule is completely messed up, unfortunately… I was awake all night and asleep all day. Argh!

School’s over, but not all the grades are in, so it doesn’t feel entirely over yet. I’m still not sure exactly what I’ll be doing all summer (or next year, for that matter). I need to sort that out, right now I feel kind of weird… I want to be excited about the end of the semester, but… well… I need to secure a job! A good job. Not something like, dare I say… testing. 😛 (And don’t try to justify a bad job with money. An enjoyable job is much more important than money, and you know it!)

I bought tickets for this, a showing of The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring with a live orchestra and choir providing the music. Awesome, no? And it’s just next week too, woohoo!