Been a while

Been a while, eh? School is getting busy… not unmanageable get-me-depressed busy, but busy enough to have little free time, and when I do have free time, I spend it watching movies and TV instead of doing anything creative. Shame on me, perhaps? No, no shame in creative people watching movies and TV, it’s only shameful for those noncreative boring people.

I went to see There Will Be Blood the other day… I’d give it 5 out of 10 stars, which is slightly positive. What I didn’t like: the plot, or at least the very weak one. Hardly any sense of rising action and climax. Hardly any sense of a purposeful progression of events. Lack of those things in and of itself is not bad, depending on what the subject is. The man’s life just wasn’t that interesting. What a liked: great use of dissonant music. If you like that kind of music in a concert hall… eh… but with a narrative it certainly has a place. The only part of the film in which I found the music to be annoying was when H.W. got thrown into the air by the explosion and his father carried him away; there’s this really annoying repeating rhythm played with wooden blocks… it sounds awful. Also, I liked the cinematography at some parts, especially the longer takes. I just love long takes. The final scene was also fun, though deathly. “I drink your milkshake” is just so quotable.

Ya know, I didn’t think The Godfather was that great…

Anyway, I didn’t buy the C4 Engine… I went ahead and updated my 3D GameStudio instead. It was $100 less and I’m already familiar with how it works. Actually, I sort of have to reacquaint myself with it, but at least I recognize just about everything. I also noticed the new Visual C++ Express 2008 is now out, and Microsoft is sporting some free 3D game creation tools along with it. I haven’t explored it yet, but it look interesting. However, it looks like they want you to pay to use some of the tools, which would be dumb (the website looks a bit tricky… it’s hard to tell what’s free and what isn’t, so be careful and don’t get too excited). I think I’ll stick to 3DGS for now.

Nothing to see here

Move along, there’s nothing to see here…

On the day I finished reading The Accidental Time Machine, I got a used copy of Tad Williams’ City of Golden Shadow in the mail, woohoo! I’m on page 80 of the book and I really enjoy it. I’m glad it’s nice and long so I can savor it… and then I’ll savor the three other 700 page books that come next in the series.

The Accidental Time Machine was not my type of book. Haldeman’s style can be funny at times, but his dialogue can get confusing since he likes to omit “he said, she said” and just lets you figure it out. There were too many obscenities that had nothing to do with the story. Tsk tsk!! The ending was getting really exciting with some awesome foreshadowing, but I thought the final “explanation” for it was complete trite, and the resolution after the climax was… blagh.

Just my opinion of course. 😛

I’ve been thinking about buying a C4 3D Engine license… but it’s $200, which is quite a lot. Still, it looks very nice. I’ll have to look for more demos first and explore their wiki a bit more. My other option would be to spend $100 and upgrade my 3D GameStudio, which includes a very nice engine, but I don’t like 3DGS’s C++ integration much… still, it’s $100 less and I already have experience with it… but I’d like some more C++ power… I can’t decide.