There’s still lots of work to do on TuneSage. I’m hoping if I regularly blog some short progress updates, it may encourage productivity, as it did last year with Trovedex.1

Right now I’m working on the front-end. As always, it’s a bit of a balancing act deciding what features need to be included and what features can wait to be added after launch. So far, the completed features include:

  • Load a MIDI from file
  • Mute / solo tracks
  • Change track colors
  • Show / hide tempo marks (from MIDI)
  • Edit / delete tempos
  • Show / hide measure lines
  • Show / hide pitch lines
  • Play MIDI

Features on the to-do list:

  • Playing features
    • Play from a selected position
    • Play or loop a selection
    • Show play location in minutes / seconds
    • Pause play (saves play position)
  • Move / create tempos (or tempo groups for accelerandos?)
  • Note editing
    • Move / create / delete / edit notes or note groups
    • Copy / paste notes or note groups
    • Edit note velocities
  • Track editing
    • Load track instrument from MIDI file
    • Edit track instrument
    • Edit track volume / stereo positions
  • Load / display / edit key signatures
  • MIDI loading
    • Load note velocities from MIDI
    • Fix MIDI loading bug: Extra note at end of file
  • Saving / exporting
    • Save / load music pieces to / from personal database
    • Export music to MIDI
    • Export music to WAV or MP3
  • Bookmark sections of a piece
  • Zoom in and out (horizontally)
  • Account
    • Confirm email (if necessary)
    • Log in / out / reset password
    • Edit optional personal info
    • Usage stats
  • Final design pass (make everything look good)

That’s not counting the further work of integrating the back-end with the front-end.

Anyway, my goal is to finish all the above before the end of this month (April 2021), and then I can move on to integrating the back-end (which still needs a good bit of work itself).

Feel free to suggest any features you’d like; though, like I said, I’m only trying to do the minimum needed to launch.

  1. Trovedex is, at the moment, not working, as the database went down; but seeing as how I was really the only one using it, I never got it up and running again; I’d like to work more on it at some point.


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