Here’s a poem I wrote a few days ago as I thought about the coming Singularity… I call it:


Remember us, the nameless ones,
Who used to have a face.
Who built and worked and wondered
And then left without a trace.

Remember us, the troddened ones,
Who suffered pain and fear,
And questioned all existence
For the sake of one child’s tear.

Remember us, the stupid ones,
Who thought of nothing new
Because just living was a chore
That took all day to do.

Remember us, the ugly ones,
Who were not bred the gene.
Who dreamt the feel of symmetry
And dreamt of being seen.

Remember us, the wrinkled ones,
Who so young met death.
Whose love and faith could never fade
As could our needed breath.

Remember us in sun and moon,
And see us in the stars.
We never thought the world was yours,
We thought that it was ours.


Oh, and here’s another short one from a couple years ago… still a few words I’m not sure about, but whatever… ’twas written for a fantasy story I’ll never write…


You can’t imagine what they imagine,
Can’t see the things they see.
Your worlds are both too far apart,
There’s too much in between.

But someday you will know, my son,
You’ll learn to tread the wall.
There are things you cannot dream
And you will see them all.

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