I should work on my novel (when I can’t work on animation), but I’ve been excited about an idea for an animated TV show I’ve had for a while. I’m still planning it out; my original thought was that I could make the episodes very short (3 or 4 minutes) with cheap blocky animation and animate the whole thing myself (and do all the voices… I’m no Mel Blanc, but I love doing voices). Then upload the stuff to YouTube or something. Seems like it would be a fun project.

It’s still something I’m planning, but I recently realized I could also write query letters and pitches and try pitching the show to agents. It’s, of course, a huge longshot, with 0% chance of success, but still worth a shot, yes?

The nice thing is… you don’t actually have to write that much for the pitch. You just have to detail your idea; you don’t have to write a bunch of scripts. And I’ve already got the idea and a bunch of details, so really all I have to do is put it all together into a clear easy-to-read exciting pitch. That might be somewhat tricky; ideas always seem better to you than to anyone else; excitement can be hard to share. But it won’t be as hard as writing a novel or a script… I think.

And the worse thing that could happen is nothing, which is most likely what will happen, and I can continue to develop the show on my own for YouTube or something. Though I can’t draw very well, so it might just become yet another shelved project…

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