Today I uploaded two new music videos to YouTube, which I shall post below.

Music composition wise, I’m kind of dry for now. I have three pieces which are mostly complete but need a bit of editing, but I haven’t really had any strong desire to write anything new for a while. I have been writing a lot of melodies though, probably around 15 since the year began (actually 13, I just checked), so when I do want to start a piece I’ll have plenty of ideas. I just haven’t really been in the mood lately. I’ve been in the mood for literature writing lately… though there seems to be even less productivity in that department.

I’ve got one week left before school starts… not really looking forward to that at all… and then who knows what I’ll do after school ends. I’ve always wanted to take a year off, but I guess that’s not an option…

Ok, here are those videos:

Creativity is cheap.

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