I’m still working on that novel I began back in November 2006… soon it will have been a year, and I’m not even half way done. But, oh well, at least I haven’t given up.

I got two books out of the library today, one called “Plot & Structure” and one called “Character, Emotion & Viewpoint”. My goal with these books is not to study them really hard and apply everything they say to my novel, my hope is that I can read through a chapter or two before I begin writing just for some ideas and some inspiration… not the corny kind of spiritual inspiration, but the excited “I want to try that” inspiration, like when you see a behind-the-scenes look at the making of some movie or TV show and you say to yourself, “geez, anyone could do that kind of work, I want to try that!”

Also, the books may very well give me some material to blather about! Woohoo!

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