I was listening to the Pirates 3 soundtrack today, and the first track, “Hoist the Colours”, is corny. They could’ve at least gotten a lad who could sing. The track “The Breaking of the Fellowship” on the The Fellowship of the Ring soundtrack is just beautiful, aided by the fact that the choir and soloist could actually sing.

That said, I’d say this is easily the best Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack of them all. (Strange that the soundtracks should get better and better while the movies get worse!) Many thanks to Hans Zimmer and all those others who work with him but aren’t famous! The orchestrations are wonderful, they define “cinematic drums” don’t they?

Also, part of one of the themes reminds me of the Titanic love theme… the theme that the track “I See Dead People in Boats” begins with… hmmm, dead people in boats music reminding me of Titanic, what a coincidence!

Also, the soundtrack’s use of accordion reminds of Monkey Island. Oh, Monkey Island! How I long to return to your piratey world! Please, LucasArts, give Ron Gilbert all the rights to Monkey Island so he can properly make a 3rd game! (By the way, Ron Gilbert blogs here. Check it out.) Actually, they should remake the first two games as well… keep the storyline, but make the puzzles and the interaction different (with no silly 3D circular inventories). There’s so much new technology now, they could really make a best seller out of remake. They do it with movies, I haven’t seen it a lot in games.

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