Horrible. 2 out of 10 stars. I really hate where all the characters ended up, and the ending is ridiculous. So, overall, these Pirates of the Caribbean movies have gone downhill. The first one was the best, which I’d probably rate an 8 out of 10. The second one wasn’t as good, but at least it had the prospect of setting up storylines for this film, Pirates 3. But this third one just stunk, with sudden pointless character deaths and a stupid ending. I fear they may have been setting up the ending in a way that would allow for more Pirate movies that don’t need all the characters, in which case, shame on them.

That said, the special effects were still spectacular, and it’s a shame they had to waste such computing power on such a dumb story. The music was also great, I look forward to getting the soundtrack in the mail.

I also saw The Good Shepherd a few days ago. I’d give it a 4 out of 10 stars. It was too choppy, I got the sense Robert De Niro was striving to be a less violent version of Scorsese, but failed. Scorsese’s choppy scenes work, Robert De Niro’s choppiness is pointless. But it did have some poetic dialogue (quite literally).

At Yahoo Movies, they’ve got a trailer for The Golden Compass up, which looks pretty bad. I’m so saddened. The special effects just look bland, especially compared to the standards set up by the Pirate movies and Lord of the Rings. Granted, the film is still in post production, so perhaps they’ll improve on some things, but in my opinion the entire style of the fantasy world in the film is too bland, too clean to feel real. Too bad. (And the mouth movements of the talking bear were ridiculous… they better work on that.)

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