I’m not sure how I did on the exam I took… but I was pretty brain dead afterwards. I tried reading Roots of the Classical a bit more, but it was too late, I was too brain dead. So instead I got a bunch of my stuff sorted since I move out of my dorm on Tuesday, May 15th. I threw away (well, recycled) a lot of paper, it’s really kind of sad how much paper is wasted on this “education”!

Today, Friday, at around 11 AM I’m taking the bus to the metro station, then taking the metro to meet my father in Washington, DC. We will then go to the Kennedy Center to see PDQ Bach and the National Symphony Orchestra at the Kennedy Center! I’m really looking forward to it; the last time I saw the NSO they were being conducted by the infamous film composer, John Williams. I guess that was about two years ago… that was really a lot fun. The last time I was at the Kennedy Center though, it was to see the “improv” (apparently fake “improv”) play Shear Madness, which was certainly funny, but certainly not worth the $40 it cost for the ticket. Argh! Waste of $40! PDQ Bach will be much better… over the summer I hope to return to the Kennedy Center to see Phantom of the Opera! That will also be a lot of fun… I’ve actually never seen a musical being performed live, unless you count “Peter Pan On Ice”.

Anyway, I hope I can wake up in time since I’ve now spent all this time blathering…

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