Whew, long day!

I’m on page 156 of Roots of the Classical and I have plenty of quotes to blog hopefully sometime this weekend. I’m not really spending as much time with the musical examples as I’d like because I want to finish reading the book before school’s out, but I’d say it’s definitely worth the $65 for the paperback. However, while it’s now on my Amazon.com wish list, there are still some things I want a bit more, so I probably won’t be buying it anytime soon. (Afterall, college students are penniless!) It would be worth it to look out for used copies though. Anyway, one thing I enjoy about the book is that the author seems to agree with many of my preconceived musical notions, which is always nice.

I tried working on The Game of Gynwig for a bit, and after an hour I got about two paragraphs written. Blah, it’s hard to write!

Classes are finally over! My two classes today mainly consisted of not-very-helpful reviews, but at least it was easier to pay attention. I still have the final exams coming up, but all in all I’d say this has pretty much been the worst semester… probably even the worst schooling experience of my entire life… glad it’s over! (For the most part!)

I tried to work on my piece of music for a bit, but I was too tired and my own music lulled me into a state of consciousness that was not quite asleep yet not quite awake… so I really couldn’t get any work done on it at all. I guess classical composers never had that sort of problem, writing out their classical compositions on paper and not really being able to hear them the way I do.

I also did my laundry for hopefully the last time this semester. Isn’t that interesting?

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