Today I enjoyed two of Mozart’s fine violin concertos, the fourth and the fifth, to be precise, via CD. The scores of just about all of Mozart’s works are available for free (and legally) here, so I was able to follow along. I’d love to use my Garritan Solo Strad virtual violin and Garritan Personal Orchestra to perhaps do a virtual rendition of one of these concertos for my own personal learning, but in all honestly I’ll probably never get around to it. I’ll definitely write at least one movement of a violin concerto though… eventually.

I also spent some time playing around today with a “clone ensemble” VST plugin. It basically allows you to take one voice recording and turn it into a semi-convincing choir. Nothing you could render Beethoven’s 9th with, but enough to make it seem as if a small crowd were singing together. I could only play around with some of the features in the demo, the full version is around $25. I’ll buy it if I have any projects come up in which I need a small group to sing something…

A book called The Black Swan is now out and about, and I’ll order it from as soon as I’m finished with I Am a Strange Loop. Looks like a very interesting book, and I devoured the author’s last book, Fooled by Randomness. In fact, I probably devoured it too much.

I wonder how much it would cost to have one of my smaller pieces of music played and recorded so that I could sell it on a CD… e.g. one of my string quartets or my trio for harp, flute and oboe… would that cost a couple hundred dollars? Would it exceed $1,000 for the recording equipment? Wouldn’t that be awesome though? I could write several full string quartets to fill up a CD if I knew it was going to be played and recorded by real players. Probably still way too expensive though, I might as well save up for a full orchestra for my 50th birthday. Funny, I use to plan to never have to pay to get my music played… but, well, somebody’s got to.

Lastly, I’ve been thinking about tidying up some of my scores and putting them up for sale on I’d like to have a printed record of them myself, and maybe I’ll make a buck or two if anyone else buys them. I’ve had people ask me for sheet music for my music before, but I’m not sure if they’d be willing to pay something to get it. Saying “yes, my sheet music is available at” is at least better than saying “nope!”

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