How often have you been sitting there thinking: “Oh my gosh! I wish I had some new sea chantey melodies to play on an instrument and/or write lyrics to!”  Probably more times than you care to count, eh?

Well, fear no more!  The sea chantey melody generator is finally here!  That’s right; in less than a second, the sea chantey melody generator will generate hundreds of sea chantey melodies for you, filled with those catchy memorable sea chantey melody patterns.

Here is a sample of 100 sea chantey melodies as generated by the generator.  Feel free to write lyrics for them and add them to your collection of sea chantey goodness.

The sea chantey melody generator is available for just 5 easy payments of $50,000.

Seriously, though, I’ve been working on getting my melody generator to compose in “styles” and sea-chantey-style was my first experiment.  I look forward to trying some other styles.  As usual, the melody generator is restricted to 8-bar melodies in 4/4 time, a restriction I still haven’t programmed my way out of, but trying to get the generator to work with styles has been a more interesting endeavor recently.

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LanthonyS · June 19, 2012 at 11:27 PM

Cool, cool… Not uninteresting

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