My novel is now at 16K words. As you might notice, I added a little wordcount widget on the sidebar. The novel will probably be longer than 50K in the end, but hopefully I won’t let it go out of control, as I have in the past, where my wordcount surpassed 50K and the story had still hardly begun. That’s just awful pacing. But so far I think this story is working better. And when it’s past 50K, it will at least be official novel length (by SFWA standards).

So far this bad hurricane Irene we were supposed to get has been nothing but constant rain. No super-strong winds or long power outages. But I guess the night is still young, the hurricane is still moving, and there’s still a chance for more damage.

Anyway, I’m spending the night continuing to work on Animation Mentor homework before it’s due tomorrow… though maybe I’ll take a break at some point for a Netflix movie. I just hope the power doesn’t go out in the wee morning hours. That would stink.

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