If you can stand Harry and Hermione kissing nakedly in a dark magical cloud, then I think you can handle some animated blood, yes?

I think I prefer the animated Harry Potter (or I guess “Harrey Podder”) to the live-action one! This is some wonderful animation by artist and animator David Stodolny. I especially love that last sequence; the character design of Voldemort is awesome, and turning Harry Potter into a bunny is quite an unexpected and sinister thing for the Dark Lord to do. In 2D, you can do so much more with the silhouette than you can in 3D, in terms of making its lines follow more graceful arcs and squashing and stretching of overall shapes. But I guess with 3D you get more tactility with more realistic surface lighting.

Anyway, fun stuff.

I kinda wanna see the entire Harry Potter series remade with a cast of animated bunnies…


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