Just a quick post here to mention that I’ve uploaded another YouTube video of my latest piece, Opus 52, an orchestral piece called Across the Kingdom.  For some reason, I ended not using the harp at all.  Amazing, huh?  Much of the piece consists of the chord progression I-vi-IV-V (or sometimes vi-iii-IV-V).  In fact, the second half was almost entirely about seeing how many melodies I could compose to the progression, while not completely overdoing it or making the melodies sound too distant from each other.  Kind of makes the bass line a bit boring, but the focus doesn’t always need to be on you, you bassists!

So that makes 6 pieces for my upcoming album: White Castle Waltz, On the Edge of a Dream, The Dragon King, Voyage of the Dream Maker, Dance of Fools, and now Across the Kingdom.

I have at least 4 other pieces started that need finishing, some of which will surely be on the album as well.


LanthonyS · September 4, 2009 at 11:15 AM

This was really great, which pleased me greatly since I was somewhat disappointed by Dance of Fools previously.

S P Hannifin · September 6, 2009 at 2:24 AM

Many thanks!

Dance of Fools was definitely a different style. For better or worse, I’ll probably compose more in that style eventually too, seems kind of elegant to me, a nice change of pace.

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