Last night I was happily working on my computer. I had heard earlier on the radio that a severe thunderstorm was on its way. The sky looked fine to me, so what did I care? Then, a couple hours later… zzzzt. My computer flickers and restarts and I lose most of what I’m working. Two seconds later thunder crashes in the distant mountains. (Okay, actually there are no mountains near here, and the thunder wasn’t distant.) So I shut my computer down and sadly call it a night. How am I supposed to get any work done if these stupid thunderstorms keep coming? I only blog this becuse I just heard thunder rumble in the distant mountains and if it gets closer my computer’s power will get farther away (because I’ll unplug it). I was relieved when the power flickered and restarted my computer yesterday that it didn’t wipe its memory or blow it up.

Tomorrow is the first day of college and I’m commuting from home, woohoo!

Oh, and please don’t believe wrong things about the Coriolis force.

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