Today I got my self-published book (The Game of Gynwig, Part 1) in the mail from Of course I’m not planning to do anything serious with it, I’m not trying to market this self-published book, I just published it for the fun of seeing it in book form, as I already said in an earlier blog post. It’s really cool. I love how… book-ish it is. Everyone should write something and self-publish it just for fun, and lulu’s prices are great, I paid just about the same price I would if this were a normal book. (Well, just a few dollars more I suppose. Still, it’s quite a deal!)

Anyway, I want to read through the book, which includes the first twelve chapters, to refresh my memory on all I’ve written so far since I keep changing the outline of what is yet to be written. In book form, the errors are much easier to notice as well. I sure made a lot of typos…

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