A few more things checked off the list. Added a couple “measure editing” tasks. Quite a few tasks I think can probably be skipped for now, as I’d like to get back to working on the back-end so I can then work on integrating the back-end with the front-end. Most of the skipped items should not be overly difficult anyway (though difficulty is always easy to underestimate). Excluding the skipped items leaves the items in bold: measure editing, save / load / export stuff, and an “undo” system, which I guess will be better to tackle earlier than later.

I still need to have a good think about what features the back-end should include at launch; that is, what specific music-generating features would be most useful. I’ll do that in another post a bit later, I suppose.

  • Playing features
    • Play from a selected position 
    • Play or loop a selection (skip!)
    • Show play location in minutes / seconds (skip!)
    • Pause play (saves play position) 
    • Show / hide measure numbers 
  • Move / create tempos (or tempo groups for accelerandos?) (skip!)
  • Note editing
    • Move / create / delete / edit notes or note groups (skip!)
    • Copy / paste notes or note groups (skip!)
    • Edit note velocities (skip!)
  • Measure editing
    • Delete / create / edit measures
    • Delete / create / edit sections (measure groups)
  • Track editing
    • Load track instrument from MIDI file 
    • Edit track instrument 
    • Edit track volume / stereo positions (skip!)
    • Auto-color tracks differently (skip!)
  • Load / display / edit key signatures (skip!)
  • MIDI loading
    • Load note velocities from MIDI 
    • Fix MIDI loading bug: Extra note at end of file (skip!)
  • Saving / exporting
    • Save / load music pieces to / from personal database
    • Export music to MIDI
    • Export music to WAV or MP3 (skip!)
  • Bookmark sections of a piece (skip!)
  • Zoom in and out (horizontally) 
  • Undo / redo support (Ctrl+Z)
  • Import soundfonts from computer (low priority) (skip!)
  • Account
    • Confirm email (if necessary) (skip!)
    • Log in / out / reset password (skip!)
    • Edit optional personal info (skip!)
    • Usage stats (skip!)
  • Final design pass (make everything look good) (skip!)
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