Just a bit of blather before I go to bed… I’ve got my first exam tomorrow afternoon (well, today I guess, since it’s after midnight, and this counts as Thursday’s post) and I want to spend the morning studying. Today’s (or technically yesterday’s) studying was disturbed with a lot of nasal congestion, which seems to going away now, which I know you care about. “Wait a sec, I gotta check Sean’s blog for status on his nasal congestion.”

Anyway, the exam tomorrow (er, today) has something to do with computer science, but I’ve never been able to quite figure out what… it’s just a random collection of compiler and coding information, it doesn’t seem to have much of a theme. So in the morning I’ve got to study time measuring and code optimization.

My “Hour by Hour” piece is now over eleven minutes… I worked on that for a bit as a reward for studying, as if rewarding myself with anything does any good… well, I guess it does, because I composed a pretty darn beautiful melody if I do say so myself, which I do. The piece won’t get much longer because I think the climax I’m working on now will be the last. Whew, this is one heck of a piece! Catchy melodies and variations and counter melodies and awesome harmonies all over the place. Woohoo! I think it will be Opus 35. Woohoo, I’m almost to 40! I should try to get to 50 before my 22nd birthday. Wouldn’t that be awesome? Eh, not as good as Mozart… 🙁

Hey, I’ve blogged daily for over a month now, whoop-de-doo!

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