Today (or yesterday, I suppose, since it’s 2 AM) I spent about thirteen hours in the movie theater watching a Lord of the Rings Extended Editions trilogy marathon.  About twenty to thirty people showed up; I thought it would be more popular, but I guess thirteen hours is a rather long time.  I thought it might test my stamina, but I was able to watch attentively without getting tired or getting a sore back (they had good comfy seats, good for tall people), or having to go to the bathroom halfway through a film, though I’m sure sitting for thirteen hours wasn’t very healthy at all.  Watching in a theater also offered less distractions, whereas if I did a marathon at home, I’d probably be pausing the film all the time.  Although we didn’t have the biggest screen of the theater, it was still much more glorious to see and hear these epic films on such a big screen than on a home TV.  It’s just awesome when movies like these take up more of your visual field, and the theater’s 4K projectors are wonderful.  (I’d love to get one for my home, they’re only $25K…)

Finally, even though I’ve seen the films plenty of times, they continue to inspire and excite me.  I got some good energy to finish my novel-in-progress, and continued to get new story ideas from the trilogy’s wealth of material.

I would love to live in some place that was a combo of Bag End, Rivendell, Lothlórien, and Minas Tirith, but that was also a space ship.  I guess it would be called Bagendellorienirith, Firefly-class.

Anyway, awesome stuff.  I loved it!  Let’s do it again!

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