The Monk (2011)


Link: The Monk

Summary: A monk who grew up in a monastery has his faith put to the test as he is tempted by a devilish seductress.  Based on the famous Gothic novel from the late 1700’s.

Thoughts: I’ve never read the Gothic novel on which this film is based, and certainly have no plans to any time soon.  (I find it hard to read a lot of old fiction; the style is just too impersonal for me.)  Still, I somehow expected this film to be darker, both in tone and in plot.  The spiritual torment of the main character doesn’t come across for me very well, such as his anguish in choosing what he knows to be wrong, and his guilt after choosing it.  He seems to face his sins rather stoically.  Then again, when a main character is choosing what he knows to be wrong, it’s rather hard to have much empathy for him.  But it might’ve been a bit easier if he had made some noticeable sign of regretting it.  Anyway, interesting film.