Pacific Rim (2013)


Link: Pacific Rim

Summary: When monsters begin coming out of the ocean, mankind responds by building giant robots to fight them.

Thoughts: While I love director del Toro’s previous films Pan’s Labyrinth and The Devil’s Backbone, I think this is his best film yet.  The premise is epic in nature, yet the story stayed focused on the main characters.  The dialog could easily be mistaken for bland if you’re not paying attention, but it’s actually very clever.  (Well, I suppose it also depends on what sort of sense of humor you have.)  The special effects were awesome.  The story is not really innovative or daring, but rather very classical, and it works fantastically.  A great film to see in 3D (even if some of the fake 3D live-action shots were a bit wonky) with a bag of movie theater popcorn.  I love the sound of GLaDOS saying “Gipsy Danger”.  It is music to my ears.  The film also features a great soundtrack.  Great film.  So far, my favorite of the year.