Talkin Toons with Rob Paulsen Episode 80 Q&A: Animaniacs



Summary: Rob Paulsen answers questions about Animaniacs.

Thoughts: Having grown up on a very healthy dose of Animaniacs  and Pinky and the Brain, I always enjoy this podcast.  At 14:20, we get the famous song from Animaniacs, Yakko’s World.  Afterwards, Paulsen says:

Randy Rogel has written a new verse that includes all the new countries of the world since that song was written … and one day you’ll hear it.  Randy and I are still working with the folks at Warner Bros. theatrical and Steven Spielberg to find a way to get he and I out and doing live appearances with Animaniacs music.

Though I’m sure I’d probably never be able to attend one, I would definitely love to hear the new verse as sung by Yakko.

Here’s the original Yakko’s World from the show:

The SF Signal Podcast 182: Interview with Author Emma Newman



Summary: An interview with author Emma Newman, whose book Between Two Thorns was recently released.

Thoughts: Ah, what a lovely accent, the best sort of British accent there is, yes?  I love Emma’s idea of writing a bunch of flash fiction that relates to the world of her novel.  It gives the author an opportunity to further flesh out the world and the characters, and it helps get readers excited.  I will probably steal the idea at some point.  I’m currently editing my novel and having to cut some material that I enjoy but that only slows down the overall story.  I could probably rework some of the things I’m cutting into flash fiction pieces.  There are also a lot of little asides that would be fun to explore.

Also, “I liked that book, but I wouldn’t lick it.” A short but hilarious conversation about licking books at 40:00.