Talkin Toons with Rob Paulsen Episode 80 Q&A: Animaniacs



Summary: Rob Paulsen answers questions about Animaniacs.

Thoughts: Having grown up on a very healthy dose of Animaniacs  and Pinky and the Brain, I always enjoy this podcast.  At 14:20, we get the famous song from Animaniacs, Yakko’s World.  Afterwards, Paulsen says:

Randy Rogel has written a new verse that includes all the new countries of the world since that song was written … and one day you’ll hear it.  Randy and I are still working with the folks at Warner Bros. theatrical and Steven Spielberg to find a way to get he and I out and doing live appearances with Animaniacs music.

Though I’m sure I’d probably never be able to attend one, I would definitely love to hear the new verse as sung by Yakko.

Here’s the original Yakko’s World from the show: