Shield of Sea and Space cover


Author Erin Hoffman recently unveiled the cover art for her upcoming novel, Shield of Sea and Space which is the final book in The Chaos Knight trilogy.  I bought the first book in the trilogy last year and still haven’t read it; it’s on my long to-read list, and I am a sad slow reader.  Still, I wanted to post this because of the beautiful cover art.  I love the dynamic vivid colors, the flow of the flames in the firebird, the clouds of nebulas in the background, how the architecture of the columns frame the edges of sky.  It’s just wonderfully dynamic and full of life.

Hoffman writes:

It is, of course, by the marvelous Dehong He, upon whom I can never seem to shower enough praise. If you can believe it, the Chaos Knight is the first book cover series he’s done, and each volume has been more stunning than the last. When this one trickled out via a Pyr catalog earlier this year … it was amazing to see book bloggers pick it out to gawk over the art.

I suppose I’m joining in the gawking.  I’ll definitely be looking for this in the bookstore to complete my trilogy, though who knows how long it will take me to get around to reading them.