Book Log

Here’s a log of all the books I finished reading in a given year. Books in bold are books I thought were particularly awesome. My book log can also be found on Goodreads.

2017 Nonfiction

2. An Experiment in Criticism by C.S. Lewis (1961)
1. The Abolition of Man by C.S. Lewis (1943)

2017 Fiction

10. Star Born by Andre Norton (Pax/Astra, #2) (1957)
9. The Book of Ptath by A.E. van Vogt (1943)
8. Distopia by Robert Kroese (Land of Dis, #2) (2015)
7. Hiero’s Journey by Sterling E. Lanier (Hiero, #1) (1973)
6. A Princess of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs (Barsoom, #1) (1912)
5. The Dying Earth by Jack Vance (The Dying Earth, #1) (1950)
4. Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens by J.M. Barrie (1902)
3. Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie (1911)
2. The Illustrated Man by Ray Bradbury (1951)
1. The City of Dreaming Books by Walter Moers, John Brownjohn (Translator) (Zamonien, #4) (2008)