Taken 2 (2012)


Link: Taken 2

Summary: From director Olivier Megaton.  A man and his wife are kidnapped by a ruthless villain obsessed with avenging the death of his son.  The man must escape and save his family by being an action hero.

Thoughts: Though the film tries to ride on the success of its predecessor, it fails pretty miserable, becoming a parody of the first.  The villains do not seem nearly as dangerous or sinister; instead they become mindless enemies to kill as if from a video game.  The story is all over the place with way too much setup and slow pacing.

Filmmaking wise, the editing is rapid and disorienting enough to give someone a seizure while obscuring any real action.  Even when there‚Äôs no action, it seems the camera man is purposefully trying to annoy you as much as possible by wobbling the camera slightly and doing these stupid little zooms, as if this will somehow make everything seem cool and edgy.