Whew, the month is really flying by… already St. Patrick’s Day!  I think March should be Irish history month.  Let’s talk about some Irish history for a minute.  Why, I believe it was in the 1880’s that a very important Irish man came to America.  His name, Timothy O’Donovan or something.  He was a very important man, mostly because his great great great (great?) grandson was eventually born… and it was me!  Wow, what a great look into Irish history.  Join me next time when we look into the history of another Irish guy, James (or John?) Hannifin… bet you can’t guess what he’s famous for… (clue: something to do with me).

But enough about old dead guys from Ireland.

Enjoy your St. Patrick’s Day with some potatoes, a bit of Mozart on the stereo.  Oh no wait, he’s not Irish.  It’ll have to be Hannifin then on your stereo.  Oh well, rules are rules.  Wear green and dye your hair orange.  Eat lucky charms for breakfast.  Speak with fakey Irish accents.  Put an O in front of your last name.  Try to get a job at “no Irish need apply” shops.


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