The time is flying by too quickly! But I am making progress. The backend melody-generating code is working much better now, though it’s actually only writing four-bar phrases at the moment. So I’ll be working on expanding that capability for the rest of the week, as well as expanding its stylistic palette with more training data. (A melody is just a collection of related phrases, so the foundation is already there.) If I’m lucky, I may even be able to share some example output next week.

Frontend-wise, I think the only other feature I need to work on for now is the ability to add, move, and delete tempos, which should only take a couple of hours. The frontend it still needs a design overhaul, though, which will take another day or two.

The frontend will be missing a lot of features on launch, but users should at least be able to generate tunes and export them as MIDI files to open in their favorite DAW or notation program or whatever.

So I think my schedule is close to the same as it was in my last progress update:

  • This week: Finish backend and redesign frontend
  • Next week: Soundfont and user account system, start releasing samples
  • Week 3: Register company, install payment and analytics systems
  • Week 4: Set up trial, front page update, and launch!

If I can actually accomplish that, I could launch as soon as August 15!

But of course that’s probably not going to happen…

Still, we’re getting closer and closer!

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Anonymous · July 21, 2022 at 3:36 PM

Will be looking for the app! ?

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