I now enter my 23rd year of being alive and Wizard Walk enters it’s fifth year of existence. I’ve been writing my children’s/young adult fantasy novel for a year now, and there is still an incredible amount of story to go, mostly because I can’t keep to my outlines and keep re-outlining it putting more stuff in…

Music-wise, it’s been my most productive year, with 13 pieces completed, Opuses 28 through 41 (though as of writing this, 10 of those pieces still need to be posted on my website). By putting my music on YouTube, I have also been able to share my work with others who might never have heard it otherwise, which is… pretty cool.

School-wise, it’s been my most horrible year… but let’s not discuss that… unless you really want to. Just kidding.

I had a nice birthday and got some great gifts: Spongebob Mugs, the Jurassic Park trilogy on DVD, and the sci-fi series Firefly on DVD.

I’ve got two more ultra-busy weeks of classes left, then I must focus on finals for a couple more weeks. But studying for finals is easier than doing homeworks and projects. I have some really horrible classes this semester… I won’t miss them. I can’t wait to get this semester over with.

Should we fear the fear of fear?

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