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This morning I plugged my iPod in my computer to update it… but unfortunately my iTunes froze. My iPod was stuck on the “Do Not Disconnect” screen, even after I turned off my computer. I was worried that my iPod would screwed up by this incident, but fortunately there is a way to restart a frozen iPod (though if bad sectors have already been written on the hard drive due to an unsafe disconnect or something, restarting probably won’t help much with that).

To restart the iPod:

  1. Turn the “Hold” on then off somewhat quickly.
  2. Hold the “Menu” button and the “select” button (middle button) down for 5 to 10 seconds.
  3. The iPod should restart and the Apple logo should be displayed.

The process saved me this morning.

So… make sure your iTunes is responding nicely before you plug in your iPod!

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