Torturing is not a good idea, but having a good idea for a novel can be torture when you must first finish the novel you’re working on.

I have a weird sort of fantasy short story about half way done. I was listening to some music tonight when it dawned on me that with one big twist to the story, the story could easily expand to a novel, and the kind of magical innovative novel I would love to read myself. Well, at least it’s innovative to me, though one could probably argue that it’s not innovative at all. I’m still reluctant to say what it is, for fear someone will say, “oh, that’s like such and such” which would destroy my temporary pride.

So I instantly jotted down notes on the basic story and I hope the ideas will continue to expand in my mind… but I still have at least another year’s worth of work to put into The Game of Gynwig… if not two or three more years. It’s torture! Torture I say!

Spring forward, Fall back… I get an extra hour of sleep tonight, so bye!

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