I spent most of today finishing unpacking from the move… my room still had a bunch of boxes all over the place, but I am now pretty much all set in here and the room is quite clean. Tomorrow morning I am expected to wake up early and help my parents prepare our old house for selling… blagh. Ouch, I just banged my elbow on the edge of my desk… 🙁

NaNoWriMoIt’s now November, and that means it’s Nation Novel Writing Month. Thousands of people are now setting about writing a 50,000 word piece of fiction. Unfortunately, I do not have the time for such things this year, but even if I did, I’m still working on The Game of Gynwig, the novel I started for NaNoWriMo last year, and I am refraining from starting any other books until I finish this one, despite much temptation. I don’t know how anybody (well, any college or high school student at least) can write 50,000 words in one month… if you can, you’re either insane or have too much time and not enough real work. And don’t say “oh, if you love writing, you’ll find the time” because I’m not talking about finding the time to write in general, I’m talking about 50,000 words of unplanned fiction in one month. Insane. Why couldn’t July be NaNoWriMo? Why November, a very busy month for students?

It’s easier and more interesting to make dinner and do laundry than to do homework.

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