There’s still a lot of work to do, but I think I just might actually be able to launch TuneSage’s MVP this month! I’m done with all the difficult and time-consuming backend algorithmic programming. All that’s left with the backend now is manual training and calibration. That will still take some time, but it’s mostly data entry and testing. I think the melodic styles TuneSage will offer on launch will consist of:

  • Irish / Scottish folk song
  • American folk song
  • Sea Chantey
  • Hannifin (trained from my own compositions)
  • Generic

Of course, I’ll later add more styles, but these are easy to train for, as I can use simple public domain examples as training data, and they’ve already stood the test of time.

Still lots of stuff on the todo list though:

  • Melody generation options GUI on the frontend
  • Overhaul frontend design
  • Finalize soundfont
  • Allow setting track volume1
  • Recreate the landing page / home page
  • Add user account system (register / login / logout)
  • Add some basic terms of service
  • Setup payments system / trial period2
  • Setup some sort of analytics to track usage metrics
  • Register company (officially found it as a company)

So still quite a bit of work, but it’s all very doable, and I know (or am confident I can easily figure out) how to do it.

Then, after launching, I’ll be focused on iterating, iterating, iterating repeatedly, trying to improve the app and get users and feedback!

Stay tuned, I should be able to release some example melodies soon!

  1. Unfortunately you won’t be able to edit individual notes’ velocity in the MVP. Sacrifices must be made for the sake of time!
  2. Trial period will probably be based on usage and time.
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