Oh, the nasal congestion! The pressure! I bear a painful headache…

I hate whining… on my blog at least… but it’s hard to focus on anything when your head feels like a balloon that needs to be popped.

On the music forum I live at, there’s been a great discussion on modern music. It is right here. It’s a really long read and the conversation goes all over the place, but when I wasn’t doing homework today I was blathering on in that thread. It sometimes reminds me of The Fountainhead. I want to make an opera out of that book, I hope I live to see it go out of copyright. Actually, I guess I could write it and just not release it until the book goes out of copyright.

Here’s a quote from myself from the aforementioned forum thread:

I also hearby proclaim that many modern composers who try, and perhaps succeed, to be “innovative” (whatever exactly that means) purely for its own sake will wind up being largely forgotten and their names will never enjoy the glory dead composers like Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, Dvorak, etc. currently enjoy, and will enjoy for some time. Composers like Schoenberg will never gain such popularity. In fact, I shall also make the bold claim that in the next 50 to 75 years, as my generation and the one after takes over, there will be a bit of an artistic renaissance that will echo romanticism, and the atonal “innovative” music, the Brillo boxes and paint blobs in the art galleries, the randomly designed statues of spheres and loops and triangles, will be much more neglected, because, as it turns out, not that many like them.

Oh boy, let’s see if I end up being right or wrong. Though, of course, technically if I do end up being wrong, I could always argue about the definition of “renaissance” so it’s a win-win. I always win. I actually said that in a dream once… “I always win”… it was really weird. I was fighting over a computer and when I won I turned around and said “I always win” quite boldly. That darn self-righteous determined subconscious! Dreams can be so awesome. Oh, I just got an idea for a semi-related short story…

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