Got another 852 words added today. I’m still not to the part in which the characters actually get on the airship, but I think the scene right before it is pretty much finished, so we’ll probably see the airship before the week is out (well, really only I will see the airship; one of the advantages of authoring your own work is that you get to see it before anyone else, which always an advantage). I spent a few moments rereading some of my earlier chapters out loud. I’m sure they’ll need editing when I get some feedback from beta-readers, but I’m still pleased with them. I know I’m quite biased though, since I know the world and characters so well. I always have a tough time continuing to write after I read back over something I had written that I am pleased with; I get worried that I won’t be able to repeat that. So then I go to sleep or something. Which is what I’m going to go do now…

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