Jack Reacher (2012)


Link: Jack Reacher

Summary: After an ex-military sniper is framed for shooting five victims, the mysterious crime-fighting Jack Reacher sets out to uncover the truth of who really shot the victims and why.

Thoughts: I enjoyed this film; better than the standard crime thriller.  Firstly, no shaky cam!!  We get nice stable shots here!  Who’d a thought it was possible?  Finally!  Secondly, I enjoyed the use of brief flashbacks and flash-whatevers to show what characters are thinking.  I loved the opening, how there’s no dialog for the first several minutes, telling the story completely through visuals.  Werner Herzog makes a great mysterious James Bond-worthy villain; I wish he’d gotten more screen time.  The fight scenes were good, and the conspiracy uncovered, though realistically farfetched, was engaging enough for me to remaining interested until the end.  I would definitely watch more Jack Reacher films (there are plenty of novels, aren’t there?), though I doubt they’ll make any more.  Fun film for a crime thriller.

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