World War Z (2013)


Link: World War Z

Summary: When a zombie epidemic spreads so fast that apparently there’s no warning for any country at all, a man sets out to investigate the zombie-ism and save what’s left of the world.

Thoughts: The biggest problem with this movie was lack of characterization.  The film tries to get into the action right away, so we have no time to get to know the characters.  So when they’re in danger and running from zombies after just two short scenes, we really don’t care much about them.  If anything, they annoy us, especially the hero’s two daughters who do nothing but stand there and scream when their father isn’t there.

After a half hour or so of boring bland zombie survivalism (with enough shaky cam to make you queasy), the real story begins: it is up to our bland boring hero to investigate the origins of the zombie virus.  But even this is not the real story, because the investigation somehow morphs into finding out why the zombies don’t bite certain people, and using whatever it is to save everyone else.  And even this investigation is boring because nothing’s at stake for our hero until near the end, when his family is put in danger.  But they’re still such bland characters that it’s still hard to care.

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