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My Best Posts

Here are, in my opinion, the most interesting posts to be found on my blog…

On Writing / Storytelling

Five types of conflict
Character chemistry archetypes
Skip the boring parts
Don’t start stories with memories
The character cleverness cheat

On Education

If I were the God of education
The Khan Academy is not that good
Why Chinese mothers are stupid

On Art

On complete non-objectivity in art
High art and snobbery
You have to learn rules to break them? Nonsense.

On Life Philosophy / Religion

Pain and the worth of life
It’s a religiously misguided life : On the worth of life
Science… and that other thing

On Problems of Some Sort

The crime-twins problems
The forgetting problem


Five ideas to change the way you see the world
Evolution cares not about overpopulation
Balen and the Factory