Finished… oh another one?

Whew, I’m tired. Worked on and finished that programming project all morning. Went to class. Came home. Ate dinner. Came here. Hmmmm… the only other thing I can think to blather about is what I think about the future… as in, this weekend. But since it will be here soon, I might as well just wait until then. Bye.

Homework again

Still haven’t done much in the past day besides homework. Makes this blog a bit boring, no? The assignment is to program a client-server auction application using socket and TCP/IP protocol in a distributed environment. Isn’t that interesting?

Homework to the end

I’ve mostly done homework today. I have to program a client-server socket TCP/IP protocol Java thingamabob. I really want to whine about it… but by this time next week, all I’ll have are exams to worry about. I’m not sure if that’s really a relief though. I have another programming project due on Monday, so I’ll be busy all weekend as well. Blagh! Even when you’re running the last lap, you’re running. You don’t get to start walking.