I was too tired to podcast yesterday; maybe I will today. But I’m still really tired due to my sleep schedule being awfully messed up, so who knows.

So… about my Android melody generator project… Part of me really wants to maximize profits for this thing, so, as mentioned before I am preparing to query producers about my screenplay yet again, this time mentioning that a music box that writes infinite melodies is a true possibility. (At least, to the extent that my program can do it.) Part of me also wants to focus on the algorithmic programming of this generator, and not worry so much about creating a user interface for it, for Android or anything else. So, if a movie deal doesn’t work out (it would be a miracle if it did), I’m seriously considering just hiring / outsourcing some other person or company to program the interface. It would be less work for me, and, with experience, they’d probably do a better job than me anyway. Problem is I’m not sure how much that would cost… anyway, the point is that an actual Android app is still at least months away, because I want to give the movie idea a chance, as to me that seems like the most lucrative (though least likely) path.


Scott · May 12, 2011 at 12:47 PM

Well, technically, a “music box” that writes infinite melodies is not a possibility. The pins on the cylinder changing position mid-roll is not possible. And even if it were, it would be really really really hard to do and expensive. Just thought I’d point that out…

S P Hannifin · May 12, 2011 at 1:47 PM

hahaha… well… yes; it would be impractical for it to be mechanical. And truly there are no infinite possibilities, just a very very large amount of possibilities.

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