I was up late last night creating a site for my future podcast on writing fantasy. I’ll post a link when I record the first episode, which will probably be either later today or tomorrow. It will be very informal; it’s just so that I have something to look forward to as I attempt to write another novel; I’m not trying to build an online community or anything. Hopefully it will help prevent me from giving up, as I’ve done with all my other previous novel attempts. Of course, there’s always the possibility that I’ll give up podcasting too…

Also, if anyone out there ever wants to co-host some episodes, let me know; conversations can be more interesting than my one-sided blathering, and who doesn’t love the art of writing fantasy? But I am certainly capable of listening to myself talk for hours; that is an essential skill of a writer.

(And podcasting will also help me practice my talking and presenting skills, which I will need when my book sells and I have to give talks and interviews, right?)

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