For the past couple days, I’ve been working on getting my melody generation program to output MIDI files so I wouldn’t have to convert them manually from a text file, which takes an annoying amount of time. And… I’ve done it, haha! So now I can tell my program… hey, I want 1,000 melodies, go. And it spits it all out over the course of a couple minutes. So here are 1,000 short little MIDI files my program wrote just a few moments ago, in a zip file:

Zip file with 1000 computer generated melodies

Some notes:

1. – Again, the program is currently restricted to 8-bar melodies in 4/4 time, and must start with the I chord and end on the tonic.

2. – For the sake of a little variety, I set the tempo to be a random BPM between 80 and 150, and the key signature to be random between A major and D major (it starts in C major then just shifts all notes up or down).

3. – There is one small bug you might hear in some of the melodies: the bass notes are shifted offbeat. I’m workin’ on it. Fortunately it doesn’t seem to happen often.

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