Whew! It’s been a busy weekend. Fortunately, due to my ability to work well under pressure (did you hear that, potential employers?), I was able to get my animation to a level I was pleased with for my Animation Mentor homework, after dedicating about 5 non-stop hours to it last night and 3 more this morning. (Daylight savings time was convenient.) The shot still needs more work, but at least it’s on the right track… I think. The assignment this week is, I think, to polish and finalize the shot.

Now I’m at work again. We get a ton of business on Sundays (if you can call it “business”). On the one hand, this makes the time fly by like a neutrino, on the other hand it leaves one as tired as a quantum physicist misunderstanding the point of Schrödinger’s Cat.

Not sure what I’ll do when work is over, if I’ll go see Megamind tonight, or just go to sleep, or try reading, or watch the next Animation Mentor lecture, or watch a movie, or play a computer game. Nice to have choices.

When you’re too tired to do anything creative, is it better to just take a nap, or do something involving less thought, like playing a computer game or watching TV?

What to do in daytime when tired?

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