I was going to work a bit more on my Android game today, but they needed a sub at work, and I need the money to pay for my Droid. I spent the morning playing Mass Effect on my laptop in glorious HD resolution with all the graphics settings cranked up as high as they go because my laptop is just that good. Then I watched an episode of House; I’m just starting to go through the 3rd season on DVD because hopefully I’ll be getting the 4th season for Christmas… because we bought during the holiday sales for $13 at Best Buy… woohoo! I wish I had a bunch of days off work so I could just watch an entire season in a day or two… but those days are gone, after never having been here…

My sleeping schedule (because I know you care) is back on track; going to bed before midnight and waking up at 8:30 AM. I’m not sure how or why it’s correct now, and I’m not sure long it will last, but it’s kind of nice. I guess.

And now it’s already December 2009! So, a countdown can begin, can’t it? 24 more days until Christmas!

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