My sleeping schedule is still completely messed up. 🙁

However, today is the day! Tonight I’m off to Wolf Trap to see a Lord of the Rings music concert! A live orchestra and choir will be playing the entire film score along with a showing of the film. Woohoo! I’m extremely excited. I just hope I’m not sleepy by then… I should go to bed right now, actually…

Oh, yeah, I still didn’t upload chapter 9 of The Game of Gynwig. I’ll do that eventually. If you would like to pay me, I’ll be more dependable…

Oh, today while I was advocating the abolition of the modern high school system, someone argued that abolishing high school would destroy the economy because of the money the teen pop culture generates. UGH!! What foolery! You shouldn’t sustain something that’s fundamentally harmful because fear of financial troubles… give me a break! Reminds of that guy in the film Amazing Grace… “If we were to abolish the slave trade tomorrow, it would bring financial disaster…” blah blah blah. You get the point.

What about the end of child labor? I’m sure there were people then that argued the same… “you can’t let the children stop working, the factories will have to close! The economy will fall!”

Yes, of course certain businesses would go out of business if high schools were abolished, but the nation wouldn’t crumble. A scratch in your arm to get rid of a splinter doesn’t cause all your skin to tear. And, yes, it might hurt for a bit, but it heals and it’s a lot better than keeping the splinter stuck in your arm.

Anyway, surely that guy saw the stupidity of his argument and now realizes that I am completely right. 🙂

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