I tried working on my novels today…

Current word count for Simmion’s Show: 4,200
Current word count for The Game of Gynwig: 41,700

I probably blogged about this before, but Simmion’s Show is about a kid who exchanges years of his life for the ability to do real magic, which he uses to become a famous illusionist. The story is completely planned out, with 31 scenes, though that will probably change as I continue writing. I’m on scene #7 right now. (So I guess it will technically be a novella or something when finished.)

The Game of Gynwig rough draft is already available for reading, or at least what I have written of it thus far. I had that planned out as well with over 100 scenes, but I completely went off course while writing. I have some different plans in my head, but I’m unsure where exactly everything will end up. I only have up to chapter 8 posted, but I have 5 or 6 more written, so I’ll probably try to post those tomorrow.

Writing is hard and lonely and boring… I hope I have some time to do some tomorrow!

Oh, I also worked on my Orchestration Challenge entry… it’s sounding very nice, if I do say so myself… which I do. I haven’t had time to enter one of them in a while, so I love being able to get back into it.

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